Meetings to introduce life in Chile (video call or face-to-face).
Coordination and orientation during the reconnaissance trip (1).
Coordination and orientation upon arrival, which includes:

Pick up from airport.
Complimentary welcome guidebook to Chile.
Transfer to hotel, temporary, or permanent place of residence.
City Tour.
Neighborhood Scouting.

(1) The reconnaissance trip includes the following services: Pick up from airport, Complimentary welcome guidebook to Chile, Transfer to previously selected hotel, City Tour, Neighborhood Scouting (residential, work).


Search for temporary and permanent housing.
Lease agreement review.
Remote housing rental.
Moving supervision and coordination.
Basic housing habilitation.
La Casa habilitation service.
Gardening services.
Domestic repairs and maintenance as required.
Recommendation of domestic service providers (housekeeping, electrician, plumbing, pool, garden, childcare).


Search for educational institutions according to your needs.
Coordination of appointments and interviews.
Advice on required documentation.
Validation of studies.
Coordination of children’s transfer.


Orientation, guidance and support during the first year in Chile to answer all your questions.
Advice on health plans and institutions.
Advice on telephone and internet plans.
Advice on opening a bank account.
Orientation and guidance for travel within Chile.
Recommendation of domestic service providers (housekeeping, electrician, plumbing, pool, garden).
Advice on purchasing a vehicle or hiring a chauffeur.


Coordination with international moving company.
Home-closing process.
Coordination of furniture sale.
Cancellation of services and memberships.
Transfer to temporary housing if necessary.
Transfer to Santiago airport for return trip.

Documentation (*)

Processing of visas.
Advice and assistance in obtaining an identity card.
Advice and assistance in obtaining a driver’s license.
Advice and assistance in opening a bank account.
Validation of studies.

(*) In alliance with the law firm Cuevas Abogados.