About Us

Casa Golondrina is a boutique company dedicated to the relocation of foreigners moving to Chile.

We recognize the importance of details in our clients’ experience and we work in an efficient and personalized way to make your stay in Chile a pleasant one from the very first minute.








Our philosophy

We know that the quality of the relocation service can make the difference between a good and a bad life experience in another country. The right choice of house, school and neighborhood, and efficiency in the documentation proceedings are decisive aspects of the migration process.

Therefore, at Casa Golondrina we are committed to providing an exclusive service tailored to your specific needs, and are prepared to guide you so that your stay in Chile develops under the best circumstances in order to meet the highest standards of living.


Orientation Program

Executive Program I

Executive Program II

Family Program

Adaptation Program

Return Program

Tailor-made Program

La Casa

La Casa is our habilitation service designed for the executive or family group that wants to arrive straight to a home of their choice and fitted out to their needs, avoiding international moving, hotel accommodation or temporary housing.